The design for St. Andrews road called for a sensitive approach in order to meet the client’s requirements whilst also being considerate of the conservation area context and the impact on the surrounding community. The site has a complex planning history which has seen various designs proposed.

The perimeter of the site is defined by stone and brick walls which were a primary influence on the building’s design. We intentionally avoided an inappropriate suburban approach of occupying the middle of the plot and instead sought to continue the street pattern of the locality with the overall aim of reinforcing the street edge. The building hugs the southern and eastern boundary walls which assists with retaining the existing character of the streetscape where the building becomes a natural development from the surrounding material context.

The building also makes use of the site’s natural gradient allowing the building to nestle quietly into the site. The massing and pitched roof profile were directly informed by the surrounding properties in an attempt to maintain a coherent street frontage.

The materials were carefully considered in order to be sympathetic to the conservation area and street context with a simple palette of stone, brick and slate.