The great exhibition of the north is a celebration of art, design and innovation with various events, installations and exhibitions happening across Newcastle and Gateshead. Our idea for the exhibition was to celebrate contemporary culture of the wider region by bringing together rural based creative industries and basing them in the city in a new structure. The architecture finds an appropriate form by referencing our industrial heritage, and seeks to connect the city to the beautiful Northumbrian Landscape.

Partnering with the Alnmouth Gallery, we created a chimney like structure to make a ‘vertical gallery’, referencing the flues of the north pennines and the navigational markers of the Northumberland coast. These structures are to be placed in the city at the mouth of the Ouseburn; to celebrate the old industry and new cultural renaissance of the area, and also on the site of the old market cross under the Tyne bridge – now lost, this is where the goods were brought from the rural farms to be sold and traded in the city.